Back in to the Swing of Things

Restaurant & Bar of Glass Brasserie

My whole family are “foodies” and we just love to eat. So, when my younger Brother decided at 15 years of age that he desperately wanted to become a chef you can imagine our excitement. 95% of my family on my Mother’s side know how to cook and boy can we can all cook up a storm. One of Uncle’s uses cooking as his time out and manages to get to many cooking classes, so dinner is always a must at his house when I am in Adelaide.

On Monday I was very fortunate to meet Ed Halmagyi aka “Fast Ed” from Better Homes and Garden’s and on Tuesday, Luke Mangan from Glass Brasserie. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, my Brother is writing a cookbook and we flew to Sydney to meet both Ed and Luke as they are contributing recipes.

Our meeting with Ed was between shoots for a Better Homes and Garden’s segment, which is right up my alley. My first impression of Ed was “what you see, is what you get” as he is exactly what he is like on television. Extremely engaging and makes you feel very comfortable. His knowledge of cooking is impressive and mid conversation will pop out helpful hints without even thinking twice. I was also very impressed when he pulled out his own camera and starting taking snaps of the cake they were filming to be used in the magazine. He said he didn’t do it often but by the way he was manipulating the shoot, he knew what he was doing.

I have heard about Glass Brasserie but had never had the opportunity of going to the most spectacular restaurant I have ever seen in my life. It was…beautiful! We were a little early for our meeting with Luke so we were seated in the bar area and offered coffee while we waited. The three of us couldn’t believe how perfect the coffee’s were. My Brother is also a qualified coffee barister so for him to rave about it, it must have been special. While drinking our coffee, Luke walked in to the room. He shook our hands and took in everything that was going on around him. You could tell his mind was ticking as he was saying hello. Very well-spoken, prepared to be directed for our photo shoot but also an astute business man proud of his craft and a perfectionist. I really liked this in him as I knew where he was coming from. On telling him our spectacular we thought his restaurant to be, he chuckled to himself and almost blushed. You could see in his face that his business is his life and this is the life he wants to live. Our meeting with him was brief as he runs to a strict time schedule but it was enough for what we required.

My trip to Sydney was too quick but I did manage to buy another pair of shoes in the middle of it all 😛 Last night as the plane hit the tarmac in Coolangatta that relaxed feeling came back over me. I was home. Now it’s time to sit down and go through all the photos I took!

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