Have Camera, Will Travel

It’s nearly the weekend again and I’m so excited as tonight I finally get to see Eclipse. I have managed to keep away from as many television programs and websites that I can as to not get stuck in the commotion of it all but from what I have heard I should be content with the movie.

This weekend will be spent preparing for Monday as yet again I will be on a plane, this time to Sydney for the night. Why am I going to Sydney? To take photos for a book.

My little brother, at 17 years of age, is writing a cookbook. Yes, you read correct. 17 year old writes cookbook and I am so proud of him. At his age he has taken his passion and is going to show young adults that anyone can cook and he is doing this with the help of celebrity chefs as well chefs from some 5 to 6 star restaurants. So we are going to be very busy meeting. greeting and photographing for 2 days 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and make sure you keep warm!

2 thoughts on “Have Camera, Will Travel

  1. Congratulations to you little Brother Britt, what an achievement at his age and what a great Sister you are to do the photographic work for him….
    Have a wonderful weekend and an enjoyable trip to Sydney….

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