Blog This Challenge 50 – 50 Things

Blog This is up to its 50th challenge and to celebrate the topic for this week is:

50 Things…
Take your pick, this one is open. 50 things I want you to know about me; 50 things I would do if I won lotto; 50 things I want to cook; 50 things I have photographed; 50 things I want for my birthday; 50 things I would like to tell my ex…

It’s up to you, whatever you want to tell your readers.

It took me quite a while to work out what 50 things I wanted to talk about and I am going to be honest and say that I had a little help from my dear friend April over at City Girl Stuck in Rural Oz seeing I am so obsessed with my shoes.

It was extremely hard to choose just 50. Going through my closet I realised I do hoard a lot and I even have a pair of shoes from way back when I was in high school.

So, here you have it…50 of my Favourite Shoes

Ballet Flats

10 x Ballet Flats ~ I only have 10 here because I could honestly give Imelda Marcos a run for her money when it comes to ballet flats. When I find a pair that I like I tend to buy them in every colour so this is more of a “style chart”.

Heeled Sandals & Wedges

8 x Heeled Sandals & Wedges ~ Out of these 8 pairs of shoes, 3 were purchased from Victoria’s Secret. The last pair of shoes were my wedding heels so they mean a lot to me.


19 x Heels ~ in all different heel sizes. There are a pair of shoes there that I have had since I was 21 and have only worn them once. There is also a pair there that I have never worn!


3 x Boots ~ I actually have more than 3 pairs of boots but found they were a little difficult to photograph as they don’t stand up on their own. Must look at investing in some boot stuffers.


3 x Miscellaneous ~ Now I told you I was a hoarder and here are a pair of shoes to prove it…the Colorado boots. I have had these since 1998 and I have only worn them a handful of times. Why did I buy them? I have no idea but they seemed like a good thing at the time and I think they still look awesome. A pair of Diesels and 1 pair of Peter Alexander ugg boots!

Thongs (aka Flip Flops)

6 x Thongs ~ Living in sunny Queensland has its advantages and one of those is being able to wear thongs for most of the year (except right now). Here are 6 of my favourite with the top middle pair being the stand out as they were a gift from my BFF Sarah over at My First Little Place. She knows how much I appreciate them 🙂


1 x Havaianas ~ Last but not least, Havaianas. I have made these 10 pairs as 1 lot all together because technically speaking they’re not really “shoes” 😛 I am getting to the point now where I have a colour to suit plenty of outfits in my closet but there are still plenty of colours that would be useful. My favourite are the jungle pair in the middle at the front as I purchased them in Fiji.

So there you have it, my 50 Things…SHOES!

10 thoughts on “Blog This Challenge 50 – 50 Things

    • 🙂 thank you and it just keeps getting bigger hehehe those are from Victoria Secret and I got them on sale. Just got to love when the Aussie dollar is good!

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