Changes…or Not!

The latest Blog This challenge – History, Your Story, brought back a lot of memories for me. I really wanted to join in but living in a different state to my snap-happy Mother, who unfortunately doesn’t own a scanner, made it difficult for me to get photos as she has plenty!

I did, however, find a photo which has shocked a lot people. I have not changed one single bit since I was 8 years old, give or take a few wrinkles and a change of hair colour!!!

Quote by one of the girls at work: “if you were entered in to a pick the person by their baby photo competition, everyone would know who you were!”.

Looking at that photo of me at 8 years of age takes me back to when I was in Year 3. I went to a small, private co-ed school in “the hills” and I was lucky enough to have the most loved teacher in the school. I was a pretty quiet student but I loved sport and I especially loved art.

Fast forward to today…I can be quiet, when I want to. I still love sport and I am still obsessed with anything arty. I may be taller (and a little wider) but in my Mother’s eyes I am still that front gap-toothed little girl with the long, thick pigtails and the dimples in the cheeks.

By the way, I still have  the dimple on the left side!

2 thoughts on “Changes…or Not!

  1. Doesn’t surprise me I wonder why??? Oh because I knew you when you looked like this he, he!
    I have some photos that you could have used….. 😉

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