The Versace Chair

When it comes to purchasing furniture for my home I usually go for simple, modern, contemporary pieces and then mix it up with something a little unique. I am extremely sentimental and regard everything in my house as “special” especially if I have received something as a gift or it has been passed down through the family.

In our bedroom I have my Great-Aunt’s suitcase which I restored myself as it had been sitting in my Grandfather’s garage for quite some time. It still has the sticker from the train ride she made from Adelaide to Victor Harbour, South Australia and it sits proudly amongst the modern furnishings we have but doesn’t look out of place. I will also be receiving my Grandfather’s army trunk which my Grandmother still has. It is a huge trunk with his name and number written on the side of it.

So, we now get to this fabulous Versace chair. We are lucky to have Palazzo Versace here in Queensland and whenever we get visitors they always want to go and have a look which then usually ends up with High Tea. I’m not going to complain about that because they serve the best High Tea I have ever had. There are two sections where you can sit and enjoy the scenery around you. In the bar area the furnishings are pink and to the far end of the lobby over looking the pool they are blue.

Every time I see one of those blue chairs I can just imagine where I would place it in my home. I am seriously in love with it. Pity it doesn’t come in a shade of green but I think I could cope with it as is 🙂

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