Lessons Learned

I have just come to the conclusion to always go with your gut feeling and never trust a man who says “trust me!” 😛

I am usually pretty good at making sure my car always has petrol in it. I have only ever run out of petrol once and that was because of the person who had my car the day before. Whichever car I am in, I will get to a petrol station as soon as the fuel light comes on as I am always worried that I will pay for it…literally.

Guess what? Today I did!

On Sunday we took my car out and the fuel light beeped. My fuel light is situated right in the middle of the dashboard so you can’t miss it. The little fuel tank is “in your face” until you re-fuel the car. I turned to husband and said that we must get petrol before we go home as I knew the next time I would get in the car I would probably be in a hurry and need to get to my destination at a particular time with no allowance for a fuel stop. Well, while we were out and about we were distracted and we arrived home without stopping for petrol. I said to my husband that we should probably dash out and get some to which he replied “trust me, it will be ok, you’ll make it to work” as we have a petrol station right next to our office.

Lo-and-behold I get in my car, start the engine, drive 2 kilometres down the road, proceed to go around a round-a-bout and feel the chugs. Chug, chug, chug. The steering locks up but with just enough time for me to steer it in to the direction of a parking lane. Then…nothing. I turn the keys to off, wait a few seconds and try to restart. Nothing! A few choice words fly out of my mouth and I make the phone call like the damsel in distress that I am about to become if somebody doesn’t come and save me.

Luckily my husband and three of his staff were in the area to look at properties so they picked up the jerrycan to re-fuel the car.

Do you think we ever learn from these silly mistakes?

One thought on “Lessons Learned

  1. Oh no! I am one of those that pushes it everytime, light flashes, little car flashes and I keep driving. But I know that I am going to get caught one day. So now I will get that petrol as soon as the light comes on!!

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