Point + Shoot #7

My Tram Roll has finally arrived!

After months of searching by foot and fingers (the web) I found a company to do exactly what I wanted and to make things even better it was delivered as quick as the swipe of the credit card 😛

I was born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia and wanted something to represent my roots. What a better way to show my love for my city of birth than a something that everyone in Adelaide can relate to. I blogged about what seeing the tram roll meant to me in my post All Aboard.

So, thank you to Blue Horizon Printing for putting an extremely happy smile on my face on Friday night when I arrived home to see my delivery waiting for me. It has been hung in pride of place on the wall in my entry hallway right where everyone can see it when we open the front door.

I was so excited that I also thought what a perfect opportunity to show everyone in Fat Mum Slim‘s Point + Shoot as well 🙂

4 thoughts on “Point + Shoot #7

  1. Thank you, I keep smiling when I walk past it I love it so much 🙂

    How do you cope moving from a fast paced city to Adelaide, Tracey? 😛 I was closest to Mitcham when I was living there.

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