Blog This Challenge 47 – Water

Blog This: With all this rain we’ve been having lately, it’s hard to think of anything else – but obviously you can!  Water view, holiday snaps, wading pools, floods, the humble glass of health.  Show us water!

I live in a state that basically revolves around water in some way be it the beautiful sandy beaches from one end of the coast to the other, the endless theme parks, the multitude of waterfront properties and even the wet rainy seasons that never seem to end when we do get them.

When I read about the latest Blog This challenge the first thought that came to my mind was the ocean.

The photo that I took was of one of the Shark Tanks at Seaworld. This is the tank that you can snorkel in and really take in marine life in its most beautiful form. From above it looks like a massive pool with rock formations but once you go down to the viewing tunnel you experience a reef with an abundance of species of fish that you only get to see on television. There are sharks in there too. If you look at the bottom left of the photo you can see one on the floor of the tank.

Being able to stand there and watch the marine life would have to be one of the most peaceful experiences I have ever had. It really does make you wonder why so much destruction is happening in our oceans and what we will miss out on if they are all gone.

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