Point + Shoot #5

My life always seems to revolve some way around animals. We don’t have any children yet and some times I wonder if my obsession is just to fill in the void but the more I think about it the answer is definitely NO. I love animals. I love they way they can offer unconditional love without wanting anything in return, just the acknowledgement is enough. However, me being me, I am always going to offer something in return. That’s the way life just goes.

I have probably mentioned this before but we live on the edge of a state forest. The wildlife we get where we are, and we are basically in the middle of suburbia, amazes many of our visitors and even ourselves. One night at dusk we were cleaning up out the front of our house and could hear a thumping sound coming closer. Jordan started growling and ran out to the road to see what it was. Lo-and-behold two kangaroos were coming towards him. He ran straight for one of them and they had a head on collision which resulted in both of them falling flat on the ground. They both jumped up, looked at each other and then shook their heads in disbelief. Jordan just stood there in shock and the kangaroo kept hopping in the direction he was originally going past our house and back in to the forest.

When an American asks us, do we have kangaroos hopping down the street? We can honestly say YES!

On Saturday as I was cleaning, I could hear a cockatoo screeching. I knew that call. It was the call of “I’m hungry, feed me”. Every afternoon we get two cockatoos sitting on our fence waiting for their dinner. I go and get the container and walk out to them asking what they want and they run along the fence to me looking like they are dancing and skipping. As I am putting in the seed they fly down and sit on the opposite side of the bowl. When they are full they usually fly back to the fence to preen themselves but this time one of them decided to sit on our neighbours aerial. I walked out and asked what it was doing and it’s answer was “hello”.

I love spending time with nature, even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day, it brings me back to reality 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Point + Shoot #5

    • Thank you 🙂 yes, I know those noises. Where I lived in Adelaide was full of possums and one used to make that sound outside my bedroom window at night!

    • Thank you and any time 🙂 I must admit I will miss it if we do decide to move back in to the “rat race”.

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