Ask me what I love about winter and the first thing I will tell you is…stockings and tights, followed closely by boots!

My Mother has always worn pantyhose and stockings and it has worn off on me. I’m not a huge fan of pantyhose but my obsession with stockings and tights has now hit prolific proportions. I started off buying them only at sales but that paid off as I now have a selection of brands that are perfect for me.

One of those being Leona Edmiston‘s Pins. *on my hands and knees* Oh hail Leona!

I bought my first Opaque Pins quite a few years ago and from the moment I put them on I knew we were going to have a very long and loving relationship. They fitted in all the right places. They had a little tag in the back to make sure you put them on the right way. They had support for the buttocks. But most of all, they stayed up! There was no uncomfortable movements trying to manoeuvre the opaques in to position after they slipped down in public. No way, not with Pins!

From there I made my way to her patterned tights. Where had they been all my life? This woman seriously knew what a woman wanted. Ok, yes Leona is a female herself but WOW. Every single pair of tights I bought were perfect in every single way and I longed for cooler days just so I could slip a pair on.

Winter is now upon us and last night I made my way to sales to purchase a new pair fishnets as I realised I had to finally part with my previous pair. I also picked up a gorgeous pair of mini houndstooth print Pins.

Oh Leona, how I love your Pins!

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