All Aboard

I have a complete fascination with Tram Banners, also known as destination rolls, at the moment.

I don’t know if it is due to the fact that I hail from one of the old states who used them or the fact that they bring back so many memories for me travelling on the train, tram and bus with my Nanna as a child.

I remember getting so excited sitting at the station waiting for the train. We would rush to get on to get good seats and then the rickety old train would make its way to the city. The last stop was not quite far enough to our destination and we would walk the rest of the way up North Terrace past Parliament House. The tram was another story. We would have to get off at the last stop and catch a bus to the city centre. Not now though. They have extended the tram tracks right through the city.

Going to city was also a time to “dress up”. My Nanna would dress in her neatest attire, just like she would have when she was my age now, put on her makeup and carry an umbrella, just in case. It’s funny, I now look at all the little old ladies in the city and they are all dressed up, some even with hats 🙂

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