Just One of Those Days

It is 3:30pm right now and I am seriously suffering from 3:30-itis. Actually I have been feeling like this since I opened my eyes this morning! I am having one of those days!!!

I slept in. I took too long to get ready. I arrived at work late. One of the girls is sick which means I get stuck with half of her things to do. I had to work through lunch. I can’t even see my desk as it has so many things on it. The phones wont stop ringing. I am overloaded and the negativity has started to kick in 😦

And as I am typing this I am asked to do more work!

Don’t you just love days like this…not! I wish I could have just stayed in my warm bed so I could have slept today away.

2 thoughts on “Just One of Those Days

    • I ended having dinner at friends house with a home cooked meal, bottle of champagne and chocolate cheesecake…all better 🙂

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