Not So Gold, More Cold

Taken from 40th floor in Q1

Before I moved to the Gold Coast I was always under the impression that it was sunny all year round! I am not the only person who thought like that as I still to this day, 12 years later, get asked if our weather is hot every day.

Well, I can honestly say that right now the answer is a big fat NO! This would have to be the coldest Autumn I have ever experience living here and if it is this cold now then what is our Winter going to be like?

Coming from the Southern state of Adelaide I am used to four seasons and especially extremely cold Winter’s. I absolutely love Winter and would have to admit that it is my absolute favourite time of the year. The Gold Coast will never get to the extremes of Adelaide’s Winter but our nights at the moment sure do feel cold.

The ugg boots have already come out and the electric blanket is on the bed ready for what the next season is going to bring. As for daily clothing I am so excited to be able to wear boots again and already have my eye on another pair as well hats and wool scarves.

Bring it on!

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