Free The Bears

Sunday Night on Channel 7 has now become our Sunday ritual to watch at 6:30pm. I’m not usually in to current affairs programs as most, not all, are too sad for me to deal with especially on my day off before returning to the daily grind the next day. However, I find myself switching the television on Sunday evening to get my weekly dose of what’s happening in the world.

Last night they had a story titled “Something About Mary”. I already knew what the episode was going to be about from last weeks show. Half of me thought to watch something a bit more light-hearted on another channel but the other half of me said I just had to watch.

I had tears streaming down my face. How can people do things like this to an animal? Why be so barbaric and cruel? And then there is the entertainment value 😦 how would they like it if we chained them and forced them to dance or kept them in a tiny cage that they can’t even turn around in? The final straw for me was at the end of the segment when it was announced that people from other countries pay $1500 for a bowl of bear paw soup 😮 Seriously where is the logic??? You cannot tell me we are in a global financial crisis when someone flies all the way to Vietnam to pay $1500 for something so horrible. WHY?

Cue to an absolutely, truly amazing human being, Mary Hutton who has devoted all of her time an energy to help save these animals. From 1993 she has been travelling back and forth from Perth to protect a very dear cause to her heart and since then has so far saved over 700 bears.

Her miraculous efforts have touched me. What about you?

Watch the video on Mary’s segment on Sunday Night HERE and also view their website Free the Bear Fund inc

One thought on “Free The Bears

  1. I saw it too and like you, was upset at the cruelty…..I seriously can’t work out how human beings can be so cruel….
    What a wonderful human being Mary Hutton is.

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