Ain’t No Sunshine

Actually there has been plenty of sunshine this week and the sun is even shining right now as I type but the sunshine in my heart had gone out 😦

The husband, as you know, has been at a conference for 5 days and I never realised how much I would miss him. I don’t know if part of it is because I had been in Adelaide last week but I felt like something was just missing. We have spoken every day but it’s not the same as having that person in the same room as you. The nights have been very quiet and I have been finding myself curling up bed very early at night. Not like me at all!

On a happier note, he is coming home tonight πŸ™‚ life will be back to normal and Jordan will have to sleep in his bed πŸ˜› much to his amusement.

6 thoughts on “Ain’t No Sunshine

  1. I may not be your husband but you always know there’s a place in my bed for you, I’ll cuddle with you xxxxx

    (people who don’t know “us” may think this comment is strange, but don’t, it’s perfectly natural)

    • HAHAHAHA I LOL so hard I think I scared one of my co-workers. I think the last time we slept together you stole my pillow and threw it on the floor while you were fast asleep!!! πŸ˜›

  2. A little ‘April” bird told me it’s your Birthday today……”HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIT”, I hope you have a wonderful day (even though the sun isn’t shining today – it’s raining at Mudgeeraba as I type).

    Elizabeth β™₯

    • πŸ™‚ The little birdie has actually gotten it wrong twice but she’s close. She is forgiven though because she’s on holiday’s. She thought it was Sunday at first and then told you today but it’s actually tomorrow! πŸ˜›

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes though. Yes, it’s also raining this end of the coast but hopefully the weather man is right that it’s sunny tomorrow!!! xxx

  3. Oops…in all due respect, that little Birdie did get it right…I just re read her Blog and she does say tomorrow… mistake.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW BRITT….I hope your day is full of sunshine.

    Elizabeth β™₯

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