Bloggers Without Makeup

Ok, I am going to Dare to Bare!

Thanks to Fat Mum Slim via Mummy Mahem I am going to show the world what I look like without makeup 😮

I will admit, I wear makeup every single day. I have always had a hang up with my skin ever since my first pimple reared its ugly little head (pardon the pun). Since that day the bare skin on my face had never seen the light of day as I had always felt that it was red and blotchy. To this day I still get the odd pimple every now and again and yes, I pick it which then leads to a mark which then leads to me having to wear makeup.

A few years back we went on holidays to Fiji and the humidity is not the most friendliest for makeup wearers so after day 1 I put my foundation and concealer back in my makeup bag and my face remained naked for the next 10 days. What a difference the sun, salt water and no makeup made on my skin. It looked absolutely amazing. So, from that moment onwards I learned to love my skin a bit more and I can now cope when someone sees me without a smidgen of makeup on. I do have my moments but I am no where near as bad as what I used to be.

So, my friends, just like many of my fellow bloggers have done today…do you dare to bare too?

*Note: this photo wasn’t taken today but it is quite recent 🙂

7 thoughts on “Bloggers Without Makeup

  1. Oh you look amazing! ANd the first thing I thought was wow I love your skin!

    I have also learnt to step away from my foundation every now and then…

    I will do this challenge but have a full face of make-up on today already lol… will try for tomorrow!

    • Thank you 🙂 I can’t live without my foundation but I try and take it off as soon as I get home from work now.

    • I had a feeling that would be noticed 🙂 Nope, no lipstick. I actually have my lips tattooed AND it was done about 6 years ago so I haven’t worn lipstick for that long.

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