Shoes ~ A Love Story ~

Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine

On my recent flight to Adelaide, I sat in my seat and began to read the piles of magazines I always buy to entertain my extremely active brain. On opening the latest Cosmopolitan Magazine that I purchased I stumbled across the article “Woman + Shoes: A Love Story” written by Mina Azodi.

Instantly I felt that the story was written about me 🙂 except for the quote in the photo “The average woman owns 19 pair of shoes…” I am not your average woman, I own over 100!

I am here to tell you that I have a serious shoe addiction dating back to when I was teenager and guess what? It is never going to stop! Reading the article really opened my eyes to show that I actually don’t have a problem 😛

YES, Martin Lindstrom you are definitely correct when saying that dopamine is released when trying on shoes and increases when swiping the credit card. I have felt that every single time I have even just looked at a pair of shoes. I must admit though I usually by-pass the guilt phase and move straight to the rationalisation. Yes, Mr Lindstrom, I agree with Suzanne Ferris, every single shoe purchase has added to my collection making it a “Collectors Item”, even down to the jungle Havaianas I purchased in Fiji. You can’t get them here for starters so, yes, collectors item!

I don’t know if I agree with Dr Daniel Amen about shoes being “erotic” especially when you have just spent $300 on a mind-blowing pair of stilettos only to have them give you blisters the size of boils. Leading you to only wear your “collector” Havaianas for two weeks because any pressure sends you in the complete opposite direction of an orgasm.

Shoes will always be a part of my life in every single shape and form, from thongs to ballet flats, platforms to stilettos. It only goes with my Gemini nature that my wardrobe is full of an abundance of shoes accommodating every single outfit in style and colour.

Imelda Marcos, eat your heart out!

3 thoughts on “Shoes ~ A Love Story ~

  1. Ok you so have to post a picture of the boxes on the top shelf of your wardrobe. No one can really appreciate your collection until they see your shoe boxes 😛

  2. Hehehe it’s in a bit of a mess at the moment. I did think of taking a pic but I will need to straighten it all out first! 😛

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