Black Tie Weddings

My Outfit sans LV Clutch

Because I have been hounded by so many people from different internet sites I frequent, here is what I wore to the wedding on the weekend!

It was extremely hard to find an outfit that was “black tie” as well keeping me warm because the weather in Adelaide in May really isn’t what you would call comfortable late afternoon/night. I have never been so stressed with what to wear to a function before and I had plenty of outfits to wear to a Summer wedding.

The shrug was made by the designer who made my wedding gown and I have had it for years. So, I thought it would be perfect seeing most jackets for cocktail dresses really aren’t my taste. The shrug looks like a skirt and you slip it over your head and then pull down over the shoulders. I found the dress in a store here on the Gold Coast and it was half price, cha-ching. The shoes were from Harbour Town in Adelaide and they were half price too, cha-ching. As for a bag, I used my LV clutch that my husband bought me for Christmas. I use it as a makeup bag but it was perfect seeing I couldn’t sling a bag over should while I was wearing the shrug.

So there you have it. My outfit for a black tie wedding!

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