When Things Go Really Bad

They always seem to start from one thing and then spiral out of control from then on.

This morning my coffee grinder died. No turn on. Nothing. Kaput 😦 it did the same thing to me last week after a bit of tapping (I mean banging) I managed to get it going. After it spat freshly ground coffee all over me. But today, it just didn’t want to work.

I love coffee. Actually, no, I live for coffee! I cannot function without it and find that I go through withdrawal very quickly if I don’t get my morning cup. I wasn’t a fan of coffee in my teens. I would turn my nose up at it and would prefer a hot chocolate and sometimes a tea over it. My Mother on the other hand must have been an Italian in a past life. She cannot go a couple of hours without a coffee. Shopping trips always start with a coffee to get prepared. Halfway through we stop for another one. Three quarters of the way through we stop again and before we leave for home we must finish the day with a…you guessed it, coffee!

So, from about 17 years of age (while I was doing year 12 to be precise) I became addicted to coffee. I love the smell of it and most of all I am in heaven sipping a well made cup of strong coffee.

Back to my grinder story…I have a fully automated machine however, they recommend you don’t put flavoured beans through it so I have to pre-grind them before I put them through the ground bean slot. At the moment I am in love with Gloria Jeans Cinnamon Noel beans. They were their Christmas beans for 2009 and I ended up bartering one of the guys at my “local” and I got 12 bags for a bargain price πŸ˜›

I ended up calling Harvey Norman this afternoon, as we have a store credit there, and they have on hold for me the new Sunbeam Cafe Conical Grinder.

I’m so excited!!! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “When Things Go Really Bad

  1. Glad the story ended well πŸ˜‰

    My hubby had the same issue the other day when our expresso machine gave up the ghost!

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