My Favourite Dessert

It is no secret that my all time favourite dessert is chocolate mousse. I love devouring the fluffy chocolate and it melting in my mouth, with every single spoonful making you yearn for more no matter how rich it is.

On my quest for finding the “perfect” mousse I stumbled across Nigella Lawson‘s White Chocolate and Mint Mousse. To say I fell in love straight away with this recipe is an understatement. I would whip it up for every dinner guest, even to the one’s who screw their noses up at white chocolate only to see them quickly change their tune after the first mouthful.

I then decided to change the flavours a little using milk chocolate or coconut milk chocolate, always using Whittaker’s chocolate. I find this chocolate is full of flavour and easy to cook with.

One night while making the mousse I decided that it needed a little oomph, so out came the Bailey’s 🙂 I made it again last night so I thought I would share it.

White Chocolate and Bailey’s Mousse

  • 250g white chocolate, broken into small pieces
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 egg
  • 3oml shot of Bailey’s

Put the pieces of white chocolate in a bowl and sit bowl over a pan of simmering water until it melts, stirring gently with a spatula every now and then. When it’s melted, stand the bowl on a cold surface to cool down a little.

In another bowl, and using an electric handheld whisk for ease, whip the cream, egg and Bailey’s together. You want soft peaking rather than a stiff mixture.

Put a big dollop of cream onto the slightly cooled chocolate and mix, and then gently fold the chocolate mixture into the cream.

Divide mixture between 6 small glasses.

Chill in the fridge before serving.


What is your favourite dessert?

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Dessert

  1. oh yum! Thanks for sharing that! I am making that as soon as I have given birth lol!!

    My fave dessert is Jase’s soft centred chocolate puddings OR his sticky date pudding – yum!

  2. Hahaha well enjoy it when you finally make it!

    Have you tried the Max Brenner Chocolate Souffle? It is a soft centred pudding and it is to die for!

  3. Reading that blog has made me seriously hungry now hahaha and that tart looked yummy. The boys from Vic on MKR made a similar one and I have the recipe but just haven’t had time to try it 😛

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