Point + Shoot #2

I’ve been a little lazy this past week with blogging but I always seem to find time to get involved in Chantelle’s, from Fat Mum Slim Point + Shoot.

As some of you may know my little boy has been quite sick. Actually he has been sick for the past 7 years but some days are worse than others and these past few months I have been back and forth to vet with him. He has had 3 operations plus has been catheterised 3 times.

He has crystals, also known as a urine tract infection type disease which detected too late can kill him.

Here he is yesterday morning snoozing at the living room window just after having his breakfast. He looked so peaceful and look at how he has his arms crossed. Usually he sleeps at that window on his back with his legs up in the air, with his front legs resting against the window sill.

Every time I look at him my heart misses a beat. I have never, ever loved an animal as much as I love him.

8 thoughts on “Point + Shoot #2

  1. Hi Britt,
    I just found your Blog….what a gorgeous little guy you have….I have on quite similar but with no white, he’s a chocolate point Siamese now 14 years old. He has the same problem as your little fellow and has for most of his life. We have spent a fortune in Vet fees over the years and about 5 or so years ago our Vet told us we should make a decision as to allow him to go on the way he was (too distressing), have “the” operation or Euthanasia (which was out of the question). We decided on the operation, expensive but he was worth it. Initially it seemed to free him from the crystals – then a couple of months later it was back to the squatting and a couple of more visits to the Vet hospital with lengthy stays…(The last Vet bill was over $1000 and that was after he had his ‘sex change’). Our Vet had advised us that he was to be on a special diet for the rest of his life – i.e. dry food obtained from the Vet….I began to think that maybe his diet had something to do with the crystals forming so did some research. We changed his diet, stopped the dry food and put him on minced rump steak for his lunch and canned ‘Whiskas” for his dinner….since changing his diet we haven’t had any problems in the past 4 or so years(touch wood that continues). In their natural habitat animals had no access to processed dry food so the minced rump (or any good grade mince) is a more natural food for the little furry guys.
    Just thought I would share our experience with you….It would be interesting to know if you have your little man on a dry food diet.

  2. Hi Elizabeth 🙂
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog!
    Being a Siamese, I bet your boy talks even more than mine??? Aren’t they just the most wonderful breed of cats!
    I was nodding the whole time I read your post. Yes, we have been down the same road many times but we have been very lucky that our vets have wanted to try everything possible to “cure” him but yes, when throwing so much money at them it can be hard 😦 our last rush to the vet, nearly two weeks ago, was the result of him actually passing crystals on the rug in the lounge room. He wasn’t wee’ing, they were falling out of him 😮 the vet couldn’t believe it and neither could we. There were 8 in total.
    It’s funny that you mention the food because I have noticed that Kobe is not really interested in his food that much anymore. He’s on the Hills CD and I was going to search the net to see if I could feed him minced meat (good meat like you have) for a change. He is on wet and dry CD.
    So, thank you so much for your comment because you answered a question for me that I was only wondering about last night!!!

  3. Hi again Britt,

    “Thai” was also on Hills CD (wet and dry) and had been for quite a few years…the wet one doesn’t look terribly appealing does it?….My research showed that cats were never designed to eat dry food, they eat their prey whole and wet….they don’t have a thirst mechanism so are designed to eat only wet food….makes sense when you think about it??
    Does Kobe drink much water? One thing I do for Thai is to mix his minced rump with about 3 to 4 teaspoons of water to ensure he gets extra fluid to flush his system well, I can tell you he now pees like a drunken sailor!….There’s an interesting read about wet diet here http://www.catinfo.org/
    During my research I found one particular Vet who was anti dry diet, he was more for ‘natural’ wet foods and it was based on his thoughts that we changed Thai to a wet diet….I have been trying to find the article to no avail – I do know this Vet was based here on the Gold Coast….I will keep looking and if I find it I will send you the link.
    I’d suggest if you are considering changing Kobe to a wet diet do some research first, I’d hate for you to take my word for it and something happen to Kobe…If it were me I would do it gradually.

    Yes, Siamese are very vocal….I actually had two of them, Ming and Thai, brothers born 18 months apart, (we got Ming first then Thai 18 months later)…(Can you imagine the noise of two of them ‘talking’ together?)….Both boys were neutered, Ming never ever had any urinary problems but Thai certainly had his share…..Ming died a little over two years ago, he was almost 15 years old and the most loveable and adorable boy – Thai was/is very lonely without his big brother, he was extremely vocal for quite a while after Ming died and still, sometimes during the night he ‘howls’ so loud he almost makes the walls shake, I’m sure he’s calling to MIng. Prior to Ming and Thai we had Kim, a female Torti Point – a great talker who lived a long life…..

  4. That was the most amazing piece of information…thank you so much. I have been sitting here reading and reading (my work has literally been pushed aside).
    Funny enough, Kobe does drink plenty of water so we’re very lucky there. I do wonder some times though if he watches what the dog does and copies which can be a good thing 🙂
    A vet I used to go to pushed and pushed for both my animals to be on dry food only and I said straight to his face “no!” good thing I went with my own instincts.
    I will definitely be gradually changing his diet now 🙂
    Awww he must be missing his brother so much. My previous cats both lived to 19 years of age and died within 12 months of each other. One was a long haired torti and the other was a chinchilla. Old age got the better of them!
    It’s so good to meet fellow cat lovers and again, thank you so much for that website!

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