Keep Calm

In my desperate search for some images the other day I stumbled across this. I have seen this quote on a few other blogs and had a BFO (bright flash of the obvious) moment and realised that right now I am not keeping calm and I am not carrying on.

The past few weeks have been busy. So busy that I feel like I am travelling at light speed through my life and not even taking the time to enjoy it. There always seems to something more important than the other and I am putting my life on the back burner.

Life, especially this past week, has been full on, complicated and hard. My brother was here which meant every day was planned with plenty of eating drinking and entertaining. Kobe was back at the vet with crystals and was admitted over night. Work has been extremely demanding and I have been up until midnight completely tasks. My very dear friend Sarah had to say goodbye to her Grandfather who happened to pass away on my beloved Grandfather’s birthday (he passed away 2 years ago) 😦

I feel like I have been ignoring not only myself but everyone around me so now I promise to “keep calm and carry on”.

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