Why, is probably one of the most commonly asked questions!

I remember as little girl constantly asking my Mum, why? And then after why would come, how do you know that? I was one of those children who just needed to know everything.

Nearly 33 years later I am still asking, why? I sit here questioning so many things right now and they all start and end with, why?

• žWhy wont it stop raining, why?

• Why does it take so long for people to get back to you, why?

• Why cannot I just seem to get motivated lately, why?

• Why is everyone around me falling pregnant/having babies and not me, why?

Why, why, why???

4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Even though you don’t like it I have to say everything (for some strange reason) happens for a reason. It will happen, it just may take time xxxxxxx

  2. Our friends kid is just like that. I overheard an endearing moment when she was talking to my husband. “..but why is it like that?”.. and his response was “I have no idea, it just is!”. So cute!

  3. hahaha it is so cute for child but not for a 32 year old 😛

    Thanks girls, was just having a bad day yesterday but feeling much better today! 🙂

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