Just Another Manic Monday!

Last night child number 2 aka Kobe decided to show signs of suffering from a urinary tract infection. He has been suffering from them (also known as crystals) since he was 3 years old so I am getting used to having to rush him to vet in dire circumstances eg him nearly passing out from the pain and me losing control of my emotions.

Throughout the night he was licking what I thought was “the area” but this morning in his excited of getting ready to jump off the bed to race me to the kitchen for breakfast he left 3 little dots on my pillow. Now, to me it looked like tiny bits of chewed up food but on closer inspection with tissue in hand to wipe it up I came to the realisation what I was really dealing with. To my horror, the smell hit me like a tonne of bricks. That smell was really familiar but that smell usually only comes from dogs. It was the anal gland smell 😮

I rang the vet to tell them he was licking and to ask if they get gland problems as well to which they said yes they do but 99% of the time they fix it themselves. Hmmm, ok. Better to be safe than sorry we made the 15 minute journey to the vet. Kobe and his usual self, howled the Siamese drone all the way.

A quick check over proved he wasn’t having any bladder issues but the vet wanted to draw some urine to double check. So they took him out the back to shave his tummy and retrieve a sample. 10 minutes later he’s back and the tests show no problems with his urine at all…phew! However the little monkey had compacted anal glands which luckily the vet took care of right then and there.

The car ride on the way home was very silent from his end and I gather he felt that his bottom had been violated.

Oh the joys of animals!!!

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