25 Random Things About Moi

I was going through my Facebook page and stumbled across the Notes section where people had tagged me in questionnaires.

Here is the one I did for 25 Random Things

1. My main passion in life is animals
2. I have 2 older step-brothers and 1 younger half-brother (we have the same mother)
3. I desperately wanted to be a vet but Adelaide didn’t offer the degree and I didn’t want to move interstate at the time
4. I hate sultanas with a passion blergh I shudder even thinking about them
5. I can put both my feet behind my head in the seated position
6. I have ice skated since I was 3 and was offered to go overseas to compete but chose to finish school instead
7. I absolutely love coffee and cannot survive a day without it
8. I don’t have a very good relationship with my father, actually I can honestly say I don’t have one with him at all. I don’t hate him, I just don’t see him as “my father”
10. The saddest moment in my life was when my Grandfather passed away, I felt like my heart had been ripped out. 2nd saddest was when my step-father passed
11. Had a major car accident when I was 19 only to have the police officer say to me “you were so lucky it wasn’t 2 seconds earlier and he would have killed you”. I realised at that moment how precious life is!
13. I miss my family in Adelaide so much but will never move back!
14. I had acrylic on my nails for 15 years and since giving them a break for the past year they have looked their best ever
15. I have coloured my hair basically every colour know to man
16. I am very superstitious and I find myself following the same rituals whenever I do something. It tends to make me quite OCD
17. My teeth are smaller than the average adults teeth and I also have a very strong bite for a woman
18. I have never been to a public school
19. I love Martha Stewart!
20. I can be a bit stand-offish when I first meet people BUT I am only trying to work them out first
21. My cheeks glow (go all glossy) when I am drunk
22. My nickname is Paprika
23. I get bored very easily, actually too easily
24. I desperately want to see the Amazon and go to Alaska
25. I absolutely love cars and want a Hummer

What are you 25 Random Things?

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