Acts of Random “What The?”

I am a very hard person to shock but some times things just really amaze me, especially when they are so random you are left thinking “what the?”.

I have had a few “what the?” moments in the past few months and the one that really stands out is someone I know deciding that they liked three of my pillow cases so much that instead of asking where I purchased them from, they just took them – “what the?”.

One that actually happened today…one of the girls went to another agency an hour away to pick up keys and the lady at reception wouldn’t let her in the office and proceeded to run down one of our ex-staff members. We found out that this lady used to work for us and, we thought, had a really good working relationship with the ex-staff member. Very odd that she would rant and rave to our new staff member about someone she wouldn’t have even know from a bar of soap – “what the?”

I am also amazed at how some people hold on to things that happened years ago and can’t let go. They will then randomly say or do something that leaves you thinking “what the?”

I must say that the word ‘random’ is used a lot in my vocabulary lately 🙂

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