An Interesting Day at the Office

I wouldn’t say that our business is overly exciting. It’s exciting that every day is different and we meet a variety of people but it’s not really a job that people beg you talk about…well there are a handful out there that do!

Last week we received a call from a client who wanted our help as a buyers agent. A buyers agent is enlisted by the buyer to assist them in purchasing a property. The buyer pays the agent the commission, not the vendor. Our client had already found the property through an employee of his who lived on the property. When I say he lived on the property, this stately home has the main house with a self-contained dwelling at the back of the property. The owners of the property had mentioned to their tenant that they were thinking of selling and our client is ready to buy in the area so they decided to put in an offer. We drew up the paperwork and priced the house accordingly to give our client an idea of how much he should offer, he however wanted to come in at a lower price. We sent him on his way even though we did offer to present the contract but he wanted to do it himself.

Fast forward to that evening we received a phone call from our client and his wife to say that the vendors did not accept his offer. We knew they wouldn’t but little did we know the property itself has a history 🙂

Our clients wife grabbed the phone from her husband and proceeded to tell us bit by bit her recount of viewing the home. Now to give you an insight on this property it is owned by a lovely gay couple in their mid to late 60’s who enjoy the finer things in life as well…ummm…let’s just say they like to “play”!!! We were told of the ornate furniture and that the state of the house is still in its original state but when they got to back of the house and opened the door at the rear, mouths dropped. They were shown the door to the “Fun Room”.

I hear you asking, “what’s a Fun Room?” In swinger’s terms, it’s exactly that. A room to have fun! The colour of the room was very dark with black walls and flooring with sultry lighting and the pièce de résistance were the sets of shackles bolted to the walls and handcuffs bolted to the floors.

Here we were thinking that the sleepy little town our business is in, was just that…sleepy. Well, were we wrong! A lot more goes on than what we realise 😛

4 thoughts on “An Interesting Day at the Office

  1. That is classic! Haha. I can’t imagine looking at a house and seeing that. Can you imagine getting someone in to renovate? Lol

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