Houston, We Have a Problem!

I just had a conversation with one of the guys at work about food due to the fact that since all this heavy rain we have been experiencing lately our herb garden has gone berserk. So, we have been bringing in cuttings for the staff. He took home some curry plant and his wife made a curry for dinner which he says was so good that we had to try it and go over to their house for dinner. Husband asked what she put in it and one of the ingredients was sultanas.

If there is one item of food that I detest, it would have to be sultanas. The thought of them is even making me shudder. I have no idea what it is about them but I just cannot put one in my mouth and cooked sultanas, oh my goodness…I think I just vomited 😮

Even as a little girl I would not touch them and ever since have steered clear of foods containing them. It’s funny because there are about 5 members of my family who don’t like them either so Nanna must omit them from the family Christmas pudding 🙂 we love her for that!

I don’t know what it is about them but I do love grapes, I will eat currants and dates but do not put a sultana in my food because I will find it.

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