Meet Child #2

The day we brought the little monkey home!

It’s no secret that I love animals and they come first in my life. I love all animals deeply but after living on the Gold Coast for 12 months I knew that something was definitely missing. I grew up with cats. From as young as I can remember we always had a cat (or two) living at our house. My Father had about 5 cats at one time at his house, mainly strays that ended up become the biggest sooks and taking over as house cats.

In August of 1999 I woke up one morning and said to husband that I couldn’t take it any longer, we were getting a kitten. Little did I realise that it wasn’t kitten season in Queensland so the mission was going to be long and arduous…for him, not me! We went to every single place on the Gold Coast that sold kittens and in the end it was the same place where we purchased Jordan from, a little white/cream & chocolate fluff ball was crying to be taken home and loved. I walked in took one look at him and knew that he was mine. The staff said I was able to pay for him and then go and get what we needed to make him comfortable eg food šŸ˜› and then come back for him. When we arrived back we found a group of people huddled around his enclosure oohing and ahhing and a man bartering the staff for him šŸ˜® luckily they were on my side and we quickly signed the paperwork and took him home.

Jordan thought all his Christmas’s had come at once. He had a playmate hahaha yeah, one that would later bite his feet, chase him around the house, latch on to his throat and boss him around but he loved it and just doted on him. It took us 24 hours to name him and after husband and his friends discussing the one thing they usually talk about, basketball, the name Kobe Bryant popped up. Hmmm I thought, Kobe. Japanese, the kitten is Oriental. Hmmm, perfect! Our little Burmese boy was to be named Kobe! Years down the track he has all new names which he refers to, monkey, maggot, moo moo, little meow, kitten, kitty, boom boom, he answers to them all.

It didn’t take him long to adjust to his new living arrangements and that we were in his “pecking order”. He took over and the house became his, we were his servants. Husband had looked after a cat before but had never lived with one permanently. Well, wasn’t his life going to change šŸ™‚ Any cat owners must understand that you live for their every command and my boy is no different. Kobe made husband realise that you must rise when told and if it’s at 6am you must get up out of bed as claws come out or dive bombs occur. Kobe will do a massive run up and leap on to the bed then spring board off husband and land on my stomach. He weighs 7 kgs so imagine that as your alarm clock! He does pre-warn you with a loud meow before he does this but it happens so quickly that by the time you realise he’s told you what’s going to happen you are trying to get over the shock of what just happened. For being such a large cat he is very easy to sleep with. Yes, he sleeps with me and I must sleep on my right side with my hand slipped under the pillow so he can sleep curled against my chest with his head resting in my arm. Basically I spoon him! If I am not in position he will tap my shoulder until I roll over, he will then get comfortable and purrr to show his acceptance of the situation.

When I got him I decided that he was going to be an indoor cat. I have lived with cats that have enjoyed the hunt and Kobe is no exception to this. He loves to hunt and he is amazingly light on his feet. Since moving to the house that we currently live in I have been comfortable enough to let him outside, under strict supervision. Some times though I am not quick enough and he has jumped up on the fence and there has been a few choice words from both parties. Me yelling and him making a very disturbing noise which I am sure in cat language translate to “you witch!” but he must remember who is the Mother here and I am not going to have him end up in an accident. His lightness on his feet however, has kept a mouse issue at bay which does keep him entertained BUT Kobe is one to show what he has caught and has been known to bash his way in to the house to drop his “kill” on the floor and then flick it around the living room :-0 I hear you say, ewww just throw it outside. Have done before and he will just run back to get it and do the same thing over again. I now have to resort to showing him that I am discarding it to prove to him it’s not outside because he runs around the yard trying to search for it.

Being a Burmese, Kobe loves to talk…a lot and has a habit of telling us everything from “I’m going to the toilet”, “I’ve been to the toilet”, “Feed me”, “Cuddle time”, “Don’t touch me”, “Touch me”, “I want to go up on the shelf”, “I want to get down”, the list is endless. He has a meow for whingeing, loving, wanting, needing, etc and we know what every single one means. He also thinks he’s a dog. As a kitten his favourite past time was to play fetch. If you scrunched up a piece of paper it was like a remote control to get his attention and he would start rubbing himself all over you to make you throw it. He would then run back and drop it our hands to do it again. I remember one morning at about 3am I was fast asleep, he jumped up on the bed and dropped his paper on my chest. Not really thinking I threw the paper out the door and he ran back with it and dropped it on my chest again. It went under my pillow after that! He also knows, along with Jordan, that at meal times he must sit before his food is given to him. One thing he will do even before the words “what do you do?” come out of our mouths because food means everything to Kobe. His favourite foods are hot chips, cheeseburgers and pistachios but because he is on a strict diet do having UTI’s he is limited now to how much he can have.

I thought my whole life had come to an end the day that Kobe couldn’t get up off the floor and his stomach had expanded to size of a football. I rushed him to the vet to be told that he had crystals. I had no idea what he was going on about and was told that it is a common issue with male cats and usually is the result of feeding them supermarket brand dry food. It also can stem from bacterial infections just like human UTI’s. The urine forms crystals and blocks the urinary tract and if not treated in time can kill them. Kobe has now been operated 3 times due to this but no amount of money will stop me from keeping my boy alive and we now must feed him a strict diet which keeps the crystals away. I think at this stage I finally realised that husband loved him just as much as what I do as he just stood there and told the vet “whatever it takes, money is not an issue here”. After the 3rd operation and about the 8th time he’s been taken to the vet for related issues, I don’t think he was thinking that anymore hahaha

He really is a one family cat though. He has a habit of crying in pain (it’s actually him just whingeing but it sounds like he’s in pain) when someone other than us holds him. The person will then quickly place him back down on the floor and he will go on his merry way usually trying to con them in letting him outside or feeding him for trying to do something “mean” to him. We just roll our eyes at him and tell the person he’s faking it. He uses that same tone when Jordan sniffs his ears or bottom. Jordan will go overboard and then it always ends in someone screaming…Jordan. The claws have come out and Kobe has grabbed Jordan to tell him enough. Funny though, he never does that to us and we have a habit of smothering him a little too much šŸ˜›

Life with our little monkey, actually life with both our boys has been very interesting and entertaining. The love and affection we receive cannot be measured by anything. They just dote and on us and I (and some times husband) give back as much in return. With all the sleepness nights, vet bills, food bills and lack of holidays I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

I love you too my precious monkey man!

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