Like Sand Through the Hourglass

Yes, these are the days of our lives!

I have broken two hourglasses. One was given to me as a present. It was made by SP (salt & pepper) and was a small hourglass floating inside a glass cylinder. It was very pretty and when you turned it upside down the hourglass would float up the cylinder while the sand was running. As per most glass items, they smash very well in to tiny little pieces that even weeks after the incident you will always stumble across a shard…in your foot.

Yesterday in my shopping expedition after having lunch with the beautiful (and extremely skinny) Lib and little chatterbox Sarah I found an hourglass. Not just any hourglass. This is one of the biggest hourglasses I have ever seen. Husband took one look at it and tried to time how long it would take for all the sand to fall through. Let’s just say after about 5 minutes he gave up and went on to something a bit more interesting to waste his time. I haven’t yet timed how long it takes but I did turn it over while I was in the shop and this shop is quite big. By the time I finished meandering around looking at everything that caught my eye which was a lot and got to the check out, it had finished. I would say it definitely takes about 15 minutes to get through.

How long do you think it would take?

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