Meet Child #1

Jordan at his favourite place!

I moved to the Gold Coast in 1998 and after 1 month of living here I knew something was missing. Husband had a tank full of fish and as much as I love fish and I have one now, I just find they lack the unconditional love that an actual “fur-baby” can give you.

In November of 1998, Jordan came home with us after I showed husband the little bundle I had walked past every day for a week. He came from a litter of 5 puppies, supposedly Rottweiler x Bull Mastiff. Being the runt of the litter we presumed he wouldn’t get that big but I was prepared for anything as I wanted him no matter what. He was welcomed in to our life with open arms and quickly became loved addition to family and friends. We found out that once he got through the adolescent years that he was in fact half Kelpie and not Bull Mastiff as we were told. Hence the reason behind his need to be so active.

Jordan is the first dog I have owned and I had to quickly adapt to life with a dog but in saying that he very quickly adapted to life with us and to this day moulds very easily to what we are doing and what we want him to do. We do know how very lucky and blessed we are to have a dog with his nature. My brother was 6 years old when we got him and we knew straight away that he was going to be fantastic with children. I think he loves the fact that they are his height and sees them as a “play mate”. In saying that though we did have issues with him and other dogs his size. My social butterfly was fantastic with the 2-legged kind but not so good with his own 4-legged kind and felt the need to put every dog in their place and show that he was alpha male. We think this may have been from being picked on by a German Shepherd at the puppy park and it just stuck in that little brain of his. It is here that 11 years later I would like to thank Cesar Millan for his amazing work with dogs and his way of teaching us, the humans, to live with dogs not the other way around! My boy can now cope with being around dogs bigger than him 🙂

Life with Jordan started with a dog who was here for the usual reasons why you get a dog…companionship, love, etc and extended to him basically being our first born child. We were living in an apartment when we first got him. Lucky though that we had a balcony the same size as our 2 bedroom, 3rd storey apartment so I would keep the door open and he would have full run throughout the day then would be walked at night. The bigger he grew though, the more we realised it was time to move. Actually getting a dog was a good idea, it got me out of apartment living!

Moving in to a house with a yard seemed to be perfect however Jordan had other ideas. He didn’t like the fact that he was supposed to be a dog and roam the backyard by himself. He would whimper every time we left him out there and me being me would leave him inside. I do have an excuse though, we didn’t have any shelter outside 🙂 I can hear you asking “what about the need to go to the toilet?” Jordan goes to the toilet first thing when we get up and then he does #2’s before we leave for work and he then goes again when we get home from work. I don’t know how but toilet training him was a cinch! He also let’s us know when we are home when he feels the urge to “do wee’s”. Something that we find amusing when we had guests stay and he wakes them at 5am to go to the toilet. He knows how to suck people in.

When husband and I discussed to idea of getting an animal the usual topics of where will they sleep, etc came up and I was told that there would be “no animals sleeping on the bed!” 😮 now I came from a household where the cat(s) always slept with us and what would be so different with a dog??? Little did I realise the bigger they grew the more bed they took up! Now reading that part you obviously just realised that I got my way and even though Jordan has his own bed in the living room, a bed in our bedroom, a small couch in the other living room and 30 squares of flooring to sleep in, our bed is also his bed! Speaking of bed, we went from a double bed for 2 people, a cat and a dog (*note: every morning I woke to a very grumpy husband) to a king size bed. Best investment…ever!

Having Jordan around has certainly changed my life and has been a been a bit of a challenge that we must be home at a certain time to let him out to the toilet and feed him and we can’t just up and leave to go on holiday but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He will be 12 years old at the end of the year, August to be exact and I tell him every day that he’s no allowed to leave me. Looking back from the moment we brought home this tiny little black puppy the size of puppy chihuahua to the 32kg “pooper scooper” that we have now who sheds hair every 5 seconds all over the place, I just can’t imagine life without him. He makes us laugh every single day. I also must mention that a few years back we taught him how to combat crawl and talk like a pirate, pretty clever or we just don’t have a life! He also has a mothering quality about him. If a baby cries he will make sure they are taken care of and will not settle until they are settled all the while watching the mother take care of their child. Many times we have caught him out protecting others from the jaws of the cat including gecko’s, mice and even bugs. The gecko story was one of the funniest with him lying on the gecko with the cat hitting him, trying to get him to move off it but Jordan was not going to budge. Even I couldn’t get him to move and I tried coaxing him with schmackos.

Our friends know to expect him to race to the front door and give them an added extra greeting, our neighbours can expect to hear him bark like a crazy dog at the window when they walk their dogs past, my Mum knows that she must bring something special just for him when she comes to visit so he can go through her suitcase and find it himself and we know that every day from the lick good morning to the excitement he shows when we walk through the door after work, that this boy loves us and everyone around him unconditionally.

I love you my boy!

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