There is No Such Word as Can’t!

can’t [kɑːnt] vb contraction of cannot.

cannot [ˈkænɒt kæˈnɒt] vb an auxiliary verb expressing incapacity, inability, withholding permission, etc.; can not.

I am really amazed at the over use of the word “can’t”.

As a little girl I remember my Mother telling me there was “no such word as can’t” and I would get so angry with her but those few words came flooding back to me when the gas man told me “I can’t deliver your bottle”. Excuse me? What do you mean you can’t deliver the bottle? He then went in to a full tirade of why he couldn’t get the bottle over our deck which is currently being renovated and how the step was too high, etc to which I asked him if he had ever delivered our bottles before. He said “no” hmmm well every other deliver man had been able to get our bottles in and I had seen one do it myself. I sat there with the phone in my hand hearing those 5 words in my head so I told him that he needed to find a solution.

Guess what? It was me who ended up finding the solution.

Can’t is a very frustrating word and I can see the words my used to say to me flowing out of my mouth to my children.

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