Just Call Me “Dr Doolittle”

Well, I had an interesting morning this morning.

On our way to work we were drove past the local school primary school and husband pipes up “look at the cute baby birds” and there is a Plover and her babies walking across the road. I told husband to stop the car and get out to help them cross the road quicker but a car came around the corner and we thought she had hit one of them. I jumped out of the car and ran across the road, in platform heels, scooped up the bird and placed it on the grass well away from the kerb. It was ok, they obviously crouch down when they are scared so it looked like it had been hurt. By this stage the Mother bird was screaming at me and I knew that they are the type of birds to swoop and she flew around me and went in for an attack. I just kept thinking “please don’t hit me in the head” but she got me on my side.

She then decides to take the other babies back over the road to the Father and a truck is on its approach 😮 I ran in to the middle of the road and put my hands up to stop the truck and another baby sat down right in front of it. I picked up the baby while smiling to the truck driver “I got it!” the truck driver found it very amusing and I managed to get all babies back over the road. I walked back over to get the other baby and it slipped under the fence of the housing estate. I couldn’t get it 😦 but I could hear it chirping so I gather it was still ok.

While all this was happening the year 1 students and their teachers were lined up watching me (through their binoculars) *hahahaha* It must have been a sight to see a crazy woman running around in heels dodging traffic and the screaming Mother bird trying to save little lives!

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