Oh How I Love Thee

Photo courtesy of Cartier

How could you not want to make a purchase after seeing this!

I absolutely love Cartier (and doesn’t my husband know it). I have loved it ever since I was a little girl. I am not a huge lover of wearing a lot of jewelry however, if there is a piece I like then I have to have it and Cartier always seems to.

Just before I met my husband I was flicking through a magazine and saw the most spectacular Cartier ring I have ever seen and sat there thinking to myself “one day I will have one of those”. When the time finally came for us to realise our relationship was ready for taking the big step we would walk past jewelry store windows and he would ask me to point out what I liked. Ummm, little did he realise the answer was going to be nothing because I had my “dream ring” in mind. Showing him that ring was like grabbing a man by his testicles and squeezing really hard…he nearly choked on the price!

Needless to say, I waited…and waited…and waited until I said to him that I would be happy with any ring as I wanted to be married to him, not my ring (did I just say that I would compromise, oh dear).

6.5 years later I was proposed to in spectacular fashion and as he said the words “will you marry me?” he pulled out THE RED BOX!

The proposal is story that requires a post entirely on it’s own.

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