My French Life

The heading to this is a bit mis-leading because to be honest I don’t have an affiliation with France nor do I really have an urge to go there, however if I was told I was booked on a plane with all expenses paid then yes I would go!

I took this photo while photographing an interior designers home that has just gone on to the market. From the front of their home you would expect it to be a modern property of today’s contemporary builders, which it is but when you walk through the front door it smacks you in the face how easy it is to mix and match different styles in a home without it being…well…just wrong!

They have gone with a theme of white walls, mostly white floors, with a mix of black and a touch of red. The master “suite” is a heavenly boudoir with an open style ensuite. Usually, to me, this look is a bit too much but it just suits the room.

The one part of the of the home that stood out to me, mainly because I just love stripes, is the dining room wall. (you can see it in the far left corner of the photo). It has been painted in wide silver, white and black stripes and has a plain bevelled mirror hung on it…just divine.

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