Weekend Purchase

I would like to thank a forum & Facebook friend for posting her house make over because going through her posts I noticed she had posted photos of her bedroom make over and there was a fantastic chest of drawers/sideboard that jumped out and smacked me in the face and screamed “I would be perfect in your bedroom under the plasma hanging on the wall!”

So, I made the 25 minute drive up the highway to Ikea only to get there and wonder how the hell I was going to fit a 1.6 metre long sideboard in my car *note: tiny sports car that really can only fit 2 people in it. Well, the purchase was made and I wheeled the solid wood sideboard to the car only to realise uh-oh this is going to be really squishy. The front passenger seat was pushed forward as far as possible as well as tilted forward. I then pushed the box in as far as possible and moved in to a position so it would slip in to place. How was I going to get it out of the car when I got home? I did with a lot of effort and swearing!

2 hours later with extremely red hands and pulsating thumbs I managed to put it together and it now proudly sits in the bedroom. I must admit I didn’t buy it to store clothing, I mainly bought it for looks but it now holds the towels and sheets we personally use as the linen cupboard is not big enough for all our linen.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Purchase

  1. Oh – I did exactly the same thing. Although I *did* measure before I left home and figured it would fit in my hatchback with 1cm to spare. Glad their measurements were accurate.

    Then we built it in the loungeroom and I got it halfway down the hallway where it got stuck and couldn’t get around the corner into our bedroom!

    After some dismantling it ended up looking fantastic in our bedroom!

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