I Think I’ve Found a New Career

This morning we organised a video to be made of property that we have for sale.

I should probably back track a little bit here and tell you that my husband and I own a real estate office. I do the marketing and advertising as well as being a property photographer so, being involved in another form of property advertising was very exciting for me.

The camera they used was amazing…the latest Canon EOS 5D. I had major camera envy. His camera shoots amazing colour at the touch of a button.

But let’s get to back to the work they did. These guys actually film the property and the buyer, at the touch of play on their computer, can view the property on the net as if they were there. We also did a voice-over to explain the property in more detail. This form of advertising is being used all over the world for higher end prestige property and has now finally made it here!

While the guys were filming I took some shots to show how hard-core the role of a real estate agent really is *hahahaha*

I wish I could dangle my feet in a pool for a few hours in my work day!

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