A Few Bits & Pieces

One thing about me that nearly everybody who comes in to contact with me realises is that I do love shopping but my passion in life is animals.

Ever since I was a little girl I would gravitate to anything that wasn’t human and throughout the years saved anything that could not defend itself. I came home with many finds including a kitten that had only half a tail due to having it bitten off by something. This passion extended to a desire to become a vet but alas, veterinary science is not available in Adelaide and ended up volunteering at Cleland Wildlife Park to fix my urge.

Fast forward to today…I do not work with animals however I sponsor the Animal Welfare League and I put my poor husband through so much torture of turning his life around and having our own zoo in our house. My husband has always said he would love to live on acreage but he does realise that it would have dire consequences as Noah aka me would have the arc I always dreamt of!

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